Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg assailed CNN’s Wolf Blitzer for his tone of questioning during an interview Wednesday, which Bloomberg said was “insulting to America.” 

“I think the State Department is just overreacting in typical bureaucratic fashion,” Bloomberg said on CNN’s “The Situation Room," when asked about the Federal Aviation Administration's extended ban against flights to and from Israel.

Bloomberg, a Jewish billionaire, traveled to Tel Aviv Tuesday evening to show solidarity with Israel amid the FAA's ban from Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport due to security concerns.

Tensions rose when Blitzer asked Bloomberg if he thought a political motive led the State Department to suspend flights to Israel, a view he said "a lot of people in Israel” shared.

Bloomberg shot back, “Why would you think that … don’t be ridiculous. … “It’s an outrage for you to accuse one of our agencies.” 

“I don’t know, you don’t know and the other people don’t know, but just the tone of the question is trying to create dissension, it’s insulting to America,” Bloomberg continued.