President Obama made an impromptu stop at a Los Angeles diner on Thursday to have lunch with four people who have written him letters. 

But he also had a chance to talk about his hoops game.

During the diner drop-by, Obama was asked about how he's faring in basketball these days by two older gentlemen, according to a White House pool report. 

“My shot's broke,” Obama said, as he held up his arm and did a mock free throw. 

“It's my elbow,” he continued. “It's my age. I get the chicken wing.”

Obama said he makes 8 out of 10 shots, “but not in one game.”

The president is on his last day of a three-day West Coast swing, where he has been mostly raising money for Democratic candidates. Republicans, including Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), say Obama has his priorities backward. On Thursday, Boehner accused Obama of going “AWOL.”

Obama will also speak on Thursday afternoon at Los Angeles Trade Technical College, where he'll deliver remarks on the economy. 

In recent weeks, Obama has tried to meet with Americans across the country who have written him letters about issues they're concerned about.