Gingrich: Political system is 'methodically and deliberately stupid'

Gingrich went on to tell the audience at the Lincoln Day Dinner in Palatine, Ill., that despite being "at the edge of such extraordinary opportunities," it was a struggle to get Republicans to understand the potential of new frontiers and dramatic change.

“We’re at the edge of extraordinary opportunities. We can provide for the American people such a dramatically better future that it’s almost unimaginable,” Gingrich said. “And our political system is so methodically and deliberately stupid — and I use that word deliberately, the willful avoidance of knowledge — that it’s astonishing.”

Gingrich's roller-coaster campaign hit a new low Tuesday, when second-place finishes in Mississippi and Alabama undermined his Southern strategy and essentially narrowed the GOP nominating fight to a two-man race between Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney.

But Gingrich said he was pressing on "because the vacuum was so huge" between him and the other candidates.

“We cannot be a normal party. If we run a normal campaign trying to govern within the framework of the current system, we have no future because people would rather have Democrats doing it; they at least enjoy it," Gingrich said. "We are miserable trying to govern within their system. We are in the business of changing Washington, not being accepted by it. It’s a fundamentally different model.”

Gingrich will be campaigning throughout Illinois for the remainder of the week.

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