Warren is reclaiming the middle from Brown, PPP Director Tom Jensen wrote Tuesday. We find her up 42-40 with moderate voters, a group that we found Brown leading Coakley 55-41 with. Shes also inspiring a lot of enthusiasm from young people. 56% rate her favorably to 27% with an unfavorable view, and she leads Brown 56-29 with them.

The poll also found that slightly more than half of Massachusetts voters describe the Harvard professors views as about right, compared to 44 percent for Brown. Fifty-four percent of those surveyed said they think the Republican Party is too conservative, while 4 in 10 said Democrats are too liberal.

But while the polls results will undoubtedly offer a moment of relief for the Warren campaign, it represents a large swing from an Opinion Dynamics poll late last month that showed Brown with a 10-point lead and a Western New England University poll in early March that favored the incumbent by 8 points. Those surveys came before a controversial Republican vote that would have overturned an Obama administration rule requiring employers to provide free access to contraception, and underscore the volatility in the race. The Hill continues to rate the race a toss-up.