Roughly 40 percent of voters who went to the polls for the Illinois primary on Tuesday said they have reservations about the candidate they voted for, according to exit polls.

CBS News reported that 41 percent of those who voted for Mitt Romney have reservations about voting for him. Similarly, 44 percent who voted for Rick Santorum said even they though backed him, they have some concerns about him.

CBS News also found that 56 percent of Republican voters said the economy was their top issue in choosing whom to vote for in the primary. Twenty-six percent said the deficit was their top concern, and 12 percent said abortion was their top concern.

A majority of voters picking the economy over abortion could indicate how the primary will go. Romney worked throughout the race to highlight his credentials in the business world, so if GOP voters are concerned most about the economy, that could mean they plan to back Romney. Santorum, on the other hand, has never shied away from discussing social issues such as birth control and the importance of a strong family.

Exit polls conducted by MSNBC found that 31 percent of Illinois voters who went to the polls describe themselves as very conservative. Thats a lower number, according to MSNBC, than in Mississippi (42 percent) or Alabama (36 percent). Santorum won both the Mississippi and Alabama primaries.