"The court has also given direction to the government to arrange the necessary documents for their earliest repatriation, so that they can go to their own country as soon as possible."

Bin Laden's family will serve the remainder of their sentence in the Islamabad compound in which they are now living with their children, designated as a "sub-jail" by the Pakistani government.

The women, expected to be of Saudi Arabian and Yemeni descent, lived in hiding in Pakistan for nearly a decade, according to a report released late last month by Pakistan. Bin Laden's youngest wife told the government that she and the terrorist leader had four children while on the run, two of whom were delivered in state hospitals.

The women's lawyer did not say where they would travel after being deported or whether American intelligence officers had — or would have — the opportunity to interview the women. The United States is reportedly interested in whether Pakistani officials sympathetic to the terrorist leader aided bin Laden in hiding, including five years he spent at a compound in Abbottabad, a military town north of Islamabad. Pakistan has said they are conducting their own inquiry into how bin Laden was able to remain in the country undetected.