During his speech Wednesday, Obama accused Republicans of supporting policies that led to the financial crisis of 2008.

"I’m always confused when we keep having the same argument with folks who don’t seem to remember how America was built. They keep telling us if we’d just weaken regulations … cut everybody’s taxes and convert these investments in community colleges and research and to healthcare into tax cuts, especially for the wealthy, that somehow the economy is going to get stronger and Ohio and the rest of the country will prosper,” Obama said.

But Romney said the president, "by his own measure," had failed to turn around the economy.

"This record is not about statistics, this is a record about human beings, about fellow Americans, having a real tough time. This factory used to have people working in it," Romney said.

The former governor repeatedly said that Obama was more interested in "attacking success" and "punishing people" than working toward a better economy.

"You will see him attack success day in and day out. And one thing you know is if you attack success, you're going to have less of it … . This is a president who is more intent on punishing people than getting people back to work," Romney said.

The comments were an indirect rebuttal to a perceived swipe delivered by Obama at his speech, when he noted that neither he nor first lady Michelle ObamaMichelle LeVaughn Robinson ObamaAl Sharpton: Royal wedding shows white supremacy is ‘on its last breath' Meghan Markle's pre-royal 'finishing lessons' and an etiquette of equality Place your royal wedding bets: Website offers odds on surprise American guests MORE was "born with a silver spoon" in their mouths.

Earlier in the day, Romney said he would not apologize for his parents' success and accused the president of trying to be divisive. He reiterated the latter charge while stumping in Ohio.

"This is a nation that comes together for strength, we do not divide it. I think of a president of having a responsibility to call upon that unity," Romney said.

"Why does he continue to attack fellow Americans, to find someone else to blame, instead of taking responsibility?" Romney added.

Romney also overtly jabbed at Obama when he argued he'd use "every ounce of my energy" to improve the economy — and not "my golf handicap."

Ohio Democrats spoke before the Romney event outside the factory, arguing the use of the location was unfair considering the plant had closed under former President George W. Bush's administration.

"What are they going blame him for next?" Lorain City Council President Joel Arredondo said, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer. "The Titanic?"