Despite speculation, Gingrich won't drop out Tuesday night

"Delaware does matter and we're looking very forward to seeing the results tonight," Gingrich said on Sean Hannity's radio show. But the former Speaker said "there are a lot of folks that are reassessing the messaging process" after every election night.

Still, Gingrich seemed less definitive about his previous pledge to continue as a candidate until the convention in Tampa.

"We're going to be in Tampa whether its as an active candidate or as a leader in the party," Gingrich said. "I've said all along, the morning [Romney] gets to 1,144 delegates then he's the nominee, but he's not there yet."

Hammond told Yahoo there were three conceivable scenarios for election results, with even the worst - "doomsday" - not necessarily resulting in a Gingrich exit from the race.

"We do poorly in Delaware, Gingrich will keep his campaign schedule in North Carolina but reassess with supporters whether or not there is a path forward," Hammond says.

The campaign has events scheduled in the Tar Heel state throughout the week.

Hammond added that a close finish or victory in Delaware could expose serious flaws in a Romney candidacy.

"A win in Delaware builds financial and grassroots momentum going into North Carolina -- combined with the ABC news report that Winning our Future has $5 million to spend on TV in North Carolina could be the beginning of a chain of wins through DE, NC, KY, WV," Hammond said. "Then into a battle royal in Texas and California."

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