The Republican super-PAC backing Mitt Romney's presidential campaign is planning a $4 million ad buy over nine battleground states in a likely rebuttal to the Obama campaign's "Swiss bank account" ad released Tuesday.

An organization that tracks political spending on television says the pro-Romney Restore Our Future super-PAC purchased television ad time in Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Michigan, Iowa, Colorado, Nevada, Virginia and New Hampshire, reportsĀ The Associated Press.

An ad from President Obama's reelection team released Tuesday takes aim at Romney's history at private-equity firm Bain Capital, painting the Republican challenger as someone who regularly shipped jobs overseas and tried to conceal his Swiss bank account.

The ad, which began airing this week in Virginia, Ohio and Iowa, was described by the Obama campaign as a "significant" buy.

The move by the pro-Romney super-PAC marks its first major foray into the general election after spending more than $50 million to support the former Massachusetts governor through the bruising Republican primary.

Earlier this week, the organization deleted most of the videos from its YouTube channel. Many of those advertisements were highly critical of Romney's dispatched Republican opponents.