President Obama and Vice President Biden have gotten over their gay marriage spat and are out golfing on a balmy Saturday afternoon in Washington.

Obama and Biden hit the links at Andrews Air Force Base shortly after noon.

The foursome is rounded out by Biden's second son Hunter, a lawyer, and White House trip director Marvin Nicholson.

On Wednesday Biden apologized to Obama for getting out in front of the president on gay marriage. Last Sunday on "Meet the Press," Biden said he was “comfortable” with same sex marriage. The remarks created a media firestorm and essentially forced Obama to reveal that he now supports gay marriage as well.

Obama said this week the Biden's remarks were not staged and that Biden had basically made a gaffe.

“I had already made a decision that we were going to take this position before the election and before the convention,” Obama said. “He probably got a little bit over his skis, but out of generosity of spirit.”

While Obama's remarks may energize young liberal voters, they could cost him votes in swing states in the November election.