But, Benton said, the congressman was willing to keep an open mind on a potential endorsement.

"Dr. Paul is willing to listen and willing to have conversations and willing to enter anything with an open mind," Benton said.

Paul's campaign announced Monday that they would no longer spend resources on upcoming primary contests, but said they would continue vying for delegates to the Republican National Convention this summer in Tampa.

Benton said Paul would insist supporters showed "respect" for the party and Romney, whom he acknowledged "has what is very likely to be an insurmountable delegate lead.”

“We’re emphasizing decorum and we’re going to do everything in our power to work with our supporters to make sure that decorum and respect are the name of the game,” Benton said. “But we’re going to respectfully show that our people are here and we’re the way of the future.”

Benton also said he had not yet discussed a speaking slot at the convention for Paul, but that delegates pledged or sympathetic to Paul would push for some of the congressman's economic proposals to be incorporated into the party platform.