"Those are three messages that are hard to fit in 30 seconds, but we tried to do our best," Romney said.

Romney told the call's attendees — supporters from the four states where the ad will air — that he also plans to scale back regulations and open up additional government lands for drilling on his first day.

The presumptive Republican candidate joked that he expected residents would be seeing a lot of him in the coming months and said his debut ad would soon be followed with more advocating his policy positions.

"It's not random that I'm calling these states," Romney said.

Romney also pushed supporters to advocate on his behalf to two groups: seniors and young voters.

"Seniors are having a hard time with this president and are very disappointed," Romney said. "One thing I can tell you is I won't be out there cutting Medicare, we're going to get Medicare solvent and Social Security solvent."

Romney added that "it's kind of a puzzle why young people vote for liberals or vote for Democrats" and said young voters should be concerned about additions to the national debt.

"It's really unfair to them that we have a president who three and a half years in has not been taking any steps to get America to a balanced budget," Romney said.