Ann Romney said this week that she “completely” agrees with her husband, the GOP presidential nominee, about 90 percent of the time.

“I completely support 90 percent of where Mitt is,” Ann Romney told Fox News in an interview set to air Thursday on “America’s Newsroom.” “I don’t think we’re ever exactly on the same page 100 percent.”

Romney declined to name a specific policy or issue where she disagrees with her husband. “I’m not the one running for president, this guy is,” she said.

“There are places where we disagree,” Mitt Romney agreed in the joint interview, “but we don’t yell and slam doors.”

Ann Romney has become an important part of her husband’s campaign, acting as a softening influence by telling stories about their family and their marriage.

She took a star turn in the campaign last month, when Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen said she shouldn't advise her husband on economic issues because she "has actually never worked a day in her life." 

Ann Romney said the controversy over the remark was a “defining moment” that she "loved," and it gave her a megaphone to talk about women's issues while her husband battles President Obama for the female vote. 

Fox News aired part one of the joint interview on Wednesday. In that segment, Romney dismissed the narrative that he is a “rich white guy” who cannot relate to middle-class Americans by noting that former presidents Franklin Delano Roosevelt and John Kennedy, who were both Democrats, also fit that description.

He also described himself as “just a kid that wants to make a difference for America.”