DOJ to House Republicans: Let's resolve 'Fast and Furious' issue

Cole told the GOP leadership that their letter had been "helpful" and that DOJ was working diligently to answer their questions in full.

“Following the receipt of your letter, the Department has had a number of constructive conversations with staff aimed at satisfying the legitimate goals of congressional oversight while, at the same time, ensuring the integrity and independence of the department's law enforcement efforts,” Cole wrote.

“[The letter] was a helpful step toward reaching a resolution of the issues in dispute,” Cole said in his letter.

“We are hopeful that these ongoing conversations will lead to a mutually acceptable resolution of these issues and continue to provide the kinds of information that would answer your questions. While our staffs continue to discuss these issues, I want to reiterate that I remain available to meet with you personally.”

The Republican letter last month came on the heels of Issa’s attempt, as chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, to rally support for a draft copy of a resolution that would place Holder in contempt of Congress for not providing documents in response to a subpoena he issued last October.

The letter from leadership was the first time the top GOP lawmakers officially weighed in on the issue since Issa began his investigation into Fast and Furious 15 months ago.

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