ABC News reporter Robin Roberts received support from both a prospective first lady and the current one this week, following an announcement made on-air Monday that she has myelodysplastic syndrome, previously known as preleukemia. 

"I had a lovely phone conversation with Ann Romney last night, who’s had her own health challenges," Roberts said Tuesday morning on "Good Morning America."

Roberts, on an ABC News blog, pointed to her previous battle with breast cancer — a battle Ann Romney also faced in the past — as a possible contributing factor for her diagnosis.

Michelle Obama personally tweeted Roberts on Monday following her announcement.

"Barack and I have you in our prayers. We believe in you and thank you for bringing awareness and hope to others," she wrote, in a tweet signed "-mo" to indicate it was sent by the first lady and not her office.

Roberts said the outpouring of support since her announcement "really has been really comforting." She is preparing for a bone marrow transplant later this year.