"We're going to win Wisconsin and we're going to win the White House," Romney told the overflow crowd to cheers.

Monday was Romney's first visit to Wisconsin since Walker's recall election, and the governor said his experience had underscored the importance of November's contest.

"We know how important it is when you can make a change when it comes to leadership," Walker said, arguing that the voters of Wisconsin had supported him for making tough decisions ultimately in the best interest of the state.

Priebus, providing the most fiery of the multiple introductions, also hammered President Obama.

"Unfortunately we've got someone in the White House who is more in love with the man in the mirror and the sound of his own voice than following through on his promises," the RNC chairman said.

Romney carried that theme through his address, joking the president's "hope and change" slogan from 2008 was now "We hope to change the subject."

"We've got to get America working again, the world depends on us," Romney said.

The Republican candidate is now headed to Iowa, where he will attend a series of events before ultimately heading to Michigan to conclude his five-day journey.