The grassroots festival, planned independently by Paul supporters, is still subject to approval but is slated to be held at Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa Aug. 24 to 26. Festival organizers had hoped Paul would attend.

Paul, who is no longer campaigning but has continued to rack up a significant number of GOP delegates ahead of the nominating convention, has maintained that he has no plans to disrupt the nominating convention.

"Stand up for what we believe in. Be respectful. And let the establishment know that we are the future of the party and of the country,” Paul urged supporters headed to Tampa, in a statement earlier this month.

Mitt Romney has already secured enough delegates through the primary process to lock down the GOP nomination. Paul will send 200 bound delegates to the convention, according to his count, which exceeds expectations. Paul said it will give him a better platform “to push the Republican Party back to its limited-government, liberty roots,” and hopefully give him a say at the convention.

The Republican National Convention begins Aug. 27.

Benton confirmed Paul’s pre-convention plans to CBS's Political Hotsheet on Tuesday.

Updated to correct event information at 5:20 p.m.