Ahead of a fundraiser in Atlanta on Tuesday, Obama stopped at Varsity, a renowned and historic drive-in diner that has been around since 1928. Just like any other customer, Obama was asked, "What'll ya have?” by the staff behind the counter.

He ordered a chilidog, and spent several minutes taking orders from members of his senior staff, who chose between chilidogs and plain hotdogs. He also ordered five "Varsity orange" drinks, a signature dessert drink. He paid in cash.

While there, Obama interacted with customers, including Air Force ROTC cadet, Michael Evans, according to White House press pool reports. Evans had stopped in at the diner with his parents after graduating from field training, and earned congratulations from the president.

"We're pretty proud of him,” Obama said to Evan’s parents, according to video from CBS News. He volunteered to take a picture with the uniformed Evans. "I knew he was going to be here [so] I wanted to come by."

Obama also held at least one baby and took pictures with the Varsity staff during his visit.

"I do live in the White House,” he confirmed to a group of elementary-age children from the nearby Lenora Academy after being asked about his residence.

On Monday, Obama was in New Hampshire, where he stopped at the University of New Hampshire’s Dairy Bar and ordered a hot fudge sundae. He assured patrons there that he only occasionally indulges in the high-calorie treats.