"We have received a tremendous response following the SCOTUS ruling across the country from voters who have a renewed sense of energy to repeal and replace Obamacare," Saul said in a statement. "Voters realize that the urgency of this election has become even more urgent."

Both campaigns have sought to capitalize on the ruling. President Obama's team emailed supporters Friday touting a "I like Obamacare" bumper sticker available for a $5 donation. 

"The Supreme Court ruling on health reform means that the law that's already helping millions of families can go right on doing that," wrote deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter. "But let's not kid ourselves: What happened yesterday means nothing if Mitt Romney is given the chance to repeal Obamacare. We have to win this election. Tomorrow is the biggest fundraising deadline we've faced on this campaign."

The Romney campaign, meanwhile, sent out a fundraising plea almost immediately after the presidential hopeful gave his statement Thursday denouncing the decision.

"Today, the Supreme Court upheld ObamaCare. But regardless of what the court said about the constitutionality of the law, ObamaCare is bad medicine, it is bad policy, and when I’m president, the bad news of ObamaCare will be over," Romney wrote in the email.