President Obama has opened a 5-point lead over presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney, his largest advantage in the Gallup daily tracking poll since April.

The president was the choice of 48 percent of registered voters, besting the 43 percent of respondents who favored Romney.

Obama has been riding high in recent weeks, buoyed by the positive response to his move to stop the deportation of some illegal immigrants who grew up in the United States and triumphs in the Supreme Court's recent healthcare and immigration rulings.

But the president's ability to continue building separation from his Republican opponent is likely contingent on the June employment numbers, which will be reported Friday. If the economy again shows discouraging signs, the president is likely to see a reversal of fortune.

Still, the president seems to have found a groove, steadily building a lead in the organization's tracking poll.

"Romney has not been ahead of Obama by more than 2 points since mid-May, and Romney's largest lead of 5 points occurred in April," Gallup's Frank Newport said in a statement.

Nevertheless, the president's approval rating remains below 50 percent. Even the temporary boost from the Supreme Court's healthcare decision only brought the president's approval up to 48 percent last Friday; since then, he has dipped back to 46.