Romney denies making racial remark to Obama
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Mitt Romney denies he made a racial remark to President Obama when he called to concede the presidential election in 2012.

“I certainly did not,” Romney said during an interview with Yahoo News’s Katie Couric.

“I remember going into the room with a few of my staff people, picking up the phone and being as gracious as I could possibly be at a very difficult time.” 

David Axelrod, Obama’s campaign guru, said in his new memoir that the president was frustrated by Romney’s concession call in 2012 because the former Massachusetts governor told him he did a great job turning out voters in Cleveland and Milwaukee.

“In other words, black people,” Axelrod recalled Obama as saying after the call.

Romney chalked that up to a misunderstanding.

“I may well have said what a good job they did turning people out, because they did,” Romney said.

“I don’t even know what happened in Milwaukee, so some of those quotes are obviously a misunderstanding.”

Romney’s wife, Ann, also disputed Axelrod’s account.

“I was there too and I don’t recollect anything like that at all, so you just let those things go.”