The events will provide another major haul for Romney, whose $106-million haul in June outpaced President Obama by $35 million. The Post reported that between the fundraiser at Cheney's home and an earlier reception at the nearby country club, the Republican nominee could pull in around $2 million for his campaign.

But the event also carries some political risk. Romney has taken pains to represent his campaign as a break from the Bush-Cheney years, and a Gallup poll released last month showed Americans still were more likely to blame former President Bush than President Obama for the country's economic woes. In aligning with Cheney, Romney opens himself up to a renewed push from the Obama team hoping to link the former governor to the last Republican administration.

The fundraiser will be among the first significant political events for Cheney since his March heart transplant. Cheney, 71, had the surgery in Northern Virginia after a 20-month wait on the cardiac transplant list.