But Fehrnstrom flatly denied that a decision had been made.

The senior Romney adviser also said Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal — considered a potential candidate — had met with Romney ahead of a fundraiser Monday, but the pair did not discuss the vice presidential hunt.

"Education was one of the topics they covered but they did not discuss VP," Fehrnstrom said.

Some speculate that the candidate will want to make his decision sooner rather than later; the choice would give the campaign the ability to shift away from unfavorable headlines regarding Romney's tenure at Bain Capital, and a vice presidential surrogate could be important for Romney to have stumping in the United States during his planned international trip later this month.

Still, the only definite news Romney has given is that his selection will be made before the Republican convention in Tampa.

"Sometime soon, I will be choosing a vice presidential candidate to join our winning ticket," Romney said in a fundraising ask this weekend.