Netanyahu: West 'comatose' and 'delusional' on Iran

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday argued that negotiations with Iran over its nuclear weapons proved the West had not learned from the Holocaust.

The Times of Israel reported that Netanyahu’s remarks came during an emotional ceremony marking Holocaust Remembrance Day at the Yad Vashem museum, Israel’s official memorial to the genocide’s victims.

“The main lesson of the Second World War, for democracies, is that they cannot turn a blind eye to tyrannical regimes,” Netanyahu said.

“Ahead of World War II, the world attempted to appease the Nazis,” he continued. “They wanted quiet at any price, and the terrible price did come.”

Netanyahu argued that the U.S. and its allies were rushing into a dangerous pact with Iran concerning its atomic energy program. 

Their haste, he added, mirrored mistakes Europe made when dealing with Nazi Germany during the late 1930s and early 1940s.

“The Iranian regime oppresses its people and plunges the Middle East into a tide of blood and suffering,” Netanyahu declared.

“The danger is there for all to see…and yet the blindness is vast,” he continued.

“Iranian leaders are exporting death and destruction,” Netanyahu concluded. “We’ll continue to insist on the truth and to try to open the closed eyes.”

Netanyahu added that the West had appeared “comatose” and “gripped by delusion” during its negotiations with Tehran in Lausanne, Switzerland over the last 18 months.

Their actions there recalled similar mistakes world powers made negotiating with Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, he added.

“The democratic states made a terrible mistake,” Netanyahu said of the Nazi era, “and they’re making a terrible mistake now.”

President Obama announced a “historic” framework agreement with Iran on April 2. The tentative accord would reduce economic sanctions on Iran in exchange for greater restrictions on its nuclear arms research.

Britain, China, France, Germany and Russia aided U.S. efforts in securing the potential bargain. The West now has until a June 30 deadline for a final agreement with Iran.

Netanyahu has argued the deal aids Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons and thus directly threatens Israel’s existence. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s Supreme Leader, has long considered Israel his nation’s mortal enemy in the Middle East.