Mitt Romney’s trip to London isn’t just about the Olympics — or Olympic-sized gaffes.

The presumptive GOP nominee is also fundraising for his campaign in London, which gives him an opportunity to build on a new strength against Obama, though it could also come at a cost.

Democrats could draw a contrast, seizing upon the fact that he’s beloved by the 1 percent across the pond but despised by the average Londoner — not to mention the British scribes.

“It's essentially going over to someone's house telling them their wife is ugly, the food is bad, their dog is a menace, and oh, by the way, I wanna cash out a couple million dollars,” said one Democratic strategist. “It shows he's not ready for primetime and is a bit tone-deaf. That trip is off to a very rocky start.”

Attendance for Romney's fundraiser was reportedly a “little thin” to boot, according to Business Insider. Tickets to the event, which were originally priced between $25,000 and $75,000, were given away for $1,000, the website noted.

But Republican and opinion blogger Ed Rogers, who attended the fundraiser, wrote in The Washington Post that he was "surprised" by the enthusiasm in the crowd.

“The expats in attendance shared the urgency to get rid of President Obama — because of the damage his presidency is doing to America — that I witness in the States among Romney supporters," Rogers wrote. “This sense of urgency is what is fueling Romney's robust fundraising, and it was on display last night when the Romney campaign raised more than $2 million.”