Democrats are fighting a Republican report on the GOP investigation of solar firm Solyndra with plans to release their own report and call attention to how much the investigation cost taxpayers.

On Thursday House Republicans made public their report from 18 months of investigating Solyndra, the failed solar energy company that struggled to survive even after the Energy Department gave it a $535 million loan guarantee. 

The report called Solyndra a "cautionary tale" of the dangers "that come when the Federal government plays investor, tries to keep a company and industry afloat with subsidies and attempts to pick the winners and losers in a particular marketplace."

In response, White House spokesman Eric Schultz said because Republicans won't note how much the Solyndra investigation cost, they should focus attention elsewhere.

House Democrats plan to also release their own report soon.

"This is month eighteen of this Congressional investigation and everything disclosed in the 215,000 pages of documents, 14 committee staff briefings, 5 Congressional hearings, 72,000 pages from Solyndra investors, and Committee interview with George Kaiser, affirms what we said on day one: this was a merit based decision made by the Department of Energy," Schultz said in a statement. "As Republicans won’t answer how much investigation has cost taxpayers, we believe they should instead be focused on legislation to creating jobs and grow the economy."

The GOP report says that an analyst for the White House warned as early as the beginning of January that the Obama administration could have liquidated Solyndra in order to regain some the money invested in the company instead of going ahead with a much-criticized restructuring plan that same year.

But the report did not directly reinforce recent Republican claims that members of the Obama administration were motivated to prop up Solyndra through a loan as a way of paying back campaign donors.