The first lady said, as she often does in campaign speeches, that the election is about “our children.” But she added the line about superheroes — perhaps to play to the crowd at the private event hosted by singer Gwen Stefani in Los Angeles.

Of course, Obama does have some history with the Marvel Comics character, having appeared on the cover of a Spider-Man collector’s edition comic book during his first campaign.  
“So [Obama] needs your help,” the first lady continued. “And I’m not just talking to the adults here today. I am talking to the young people here as well! All of our young people, you might not be old enough to vote — you’ll vote at school, I know; I met several people who are going to be voting for my husband who are 10 and under. We accept those votes.”

She went on to urge the young people to get educated about the “the issues, like education and healthcare.”

“Learn about them, what they mean to you and your family and all your friends,” she said, adding a call for younger non-voters to “volunteer with your parents.”

"My husband needs everyone out there doing whatever they can because, as he said, this election is going to be even closer than the last one," she said.

The first lady made several campaign stops in Western states over the weekend, appearing in Colorado and Wyoming on Saturday and at two events on Sunday in Los Angeles. She will remain on the West Coast on Monday, appearing at another campaign event and taping an appearance on Monday night's "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno.