Mitt Romney is traveling to New Orleans on Friday to tour the damage from Hurricane Isaac, his campaign announced Friday.

Romney's trip, which includes a visit to Lafitte, one of the flooded areas around New Orleans, comes a day after he officially accepted his party's presidential nomination.

The hurricane made landfall in Louisiana this week during the Republican National Convention. Organizers canceled the first day of the convention, held in Tampa, due to the threat of the storm.

The Category 1 hurricane was downgraded to a tropical storm soon after it made landfall Tuesday, but many neighborhoods around New Orleans are under water or without power. President Obama declared a state of emergency for the state, making federal funding available to it immediately, on Monday.

Obama is in El Paso, Texas, on Friday for a roundtable discussion with military service members. 

Romney will return to the campaign trail after his visit and is scheduled to be in Cincinnati.