"I haven’t been watching the Democratic National Convention speeches because I don’t need to; I already know what they’re all going to say," McConnell said Thursday according to the Jessamine Journal of Kentucky.

McConnell added that all the DNC speeches will say is that the major issues facing the country are Republicans' fault.

"They’re going to say, ‘It’s not our fault,’ and we need to tell them we’ve given them four years; we’re not giving them another four," McConnell continued.

McConnell's comments are similar to those of other top Democrats and Republicans who have said they weren't watching the opposing party's national convention.

First lady Michelle ObamaMichelle LeVaughn Robinson ObamaMichelle Obama criticizes lack of diversity in politics: one side is 'all white, all men' Obama interrupts Michelle's appearance with 25th anniversary tribute Michelle Obama: Young people feel what's happening now 'not what they were taught' MORE said she wasn't watching the Republican National Convention when it was going on. Similarly, when asked whether the president was watching the RNC last Wednesday, White House press secretary Jay Carney said Obama "did not." 

Mitt Romney also said he had not been watching the DNC and did not "plan on it."