Obama chats about Pitbull, Flo Rida, and return of NFL

Laz then pointed out he was wearing a Miami Dolphins jersey — a self-deprecating quip after the Florida NFL team lost 30-10 on Sunday against the Houston Texans.

“You’ve got to start with that Dolphins thing," Obama replied. The president then asked if Laz had seen any of the HBO miniseries "Hard Knocks" — a weekly documentary about the Dolphins' training camp.

"As I recall, you guys didn’t win any [games] in the preseason,” Obama joked.

"Now I’m getting ragged on by the president of the United States," Laz bemoaned.

"I’m just saying you brought it up," Obama said. "My Bears — I’m feeling pretty good about them.”

The president has raised eyebrows before for riffing on local sports teams. During a campaign fundraiser in June, Obama jokingly thanked Boston fans for trading his Chicago White Sox their All Star third baseman Kevin Youkilis.

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