Trump then launched into a blistering critique of recent events in the Middle East, where protests over a controversial anti-Islam film have turned violent. On Wednesday, American officials announced that four diplomatic workers had been killed at the consulate in Libya.

"You look at how he gave up Egypt. And Libya, after we bombed the hell out of everybody, Libya turns around, kills our ambassador and other great people that are with us and not even with us," Trump said. "He killed our ambassador and other people. This is a group that we didn't know who they were. They called themselves the rebels, like it's a romantic vision of 'Gone With the Wind.' "

Trump went on to say "the world is laughing at us" because of the president's policies.

"I think he's the worst foreign president in terms of what's happening, foreign-policy president in our history," Trump said.

Trump also appeared to signal his support for the call from some Republican legislators to suspend aid to countries where violent protests were allowed to amass outside the embassies.

"We're giving Egypt billions of dollars. The only reason to even take our phone call is because they want the money to come through," Trump said. "I think he's done a terrible, terrible job, and yet, you listen to people and the polls show he's up in foreign events and foreign affairs. I think it's ridiculous."

CNBC host Maria Bartiromo then asked Trump why, when "you know, you talk to foreigners, then they love [Obama]," prompting another criticism.

"Foreigners should love him. Why wouldn't foreigners love him?" Trump said. "Every country that does business with us makes a fortune. I think foreigners should definitely love the United States. They should definitely love President Obama because every country is getting rich on us."