Dem draws up Craigslist ad for Speaker

A Democratic lawmaker on Thursday lampooned House Republicans for struggling to find a new Speaker, creating a mock Craigslist ad to fill the position.  

Rep. Mark Takano's (D-Calif.) staff pulled together a fake ad for "Speaker of the House" that they posted to Facebook and Twitter:
"Are you an American citizen? Do you have experience negotiating hostage situations? Are you ready for the challenge of a lifetime? Then this job is for you!" the listing reads. 
His staff did a preview of the ad on Craigslist and took a screen shot, but never actually posted it, Takano's communications director, Josh Weisz, told The Hill. 
The mock ad came Thursday after Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), the favorite to replace outgoing Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), abruptly withdrew his name from consideration. 
Another Democratic voice, David Axelrod, the former White House senior adviser to President Obama, suggested on Twitter that Republicans take out a Craigslist ad.