According to The Associated Press on Tuesday, Paul Browne, a spokesman for the NYPD, said the student told a school counselor that he and a friend broke a window at the Staten Island office over the weekend. 

The student will reportedly be charged with criminal mischief as a juvenile. 

"It is unfortunate that these young kids would commit such an act of vandalism, yet we are very relieved to know this is not politically motivated," Grimm said according to The New York Observer.

Grimm had previously said that the vandalism was a "politically motivated crime," according to The New York Times. Grimm reportedly also claimed that sensitive campaign information had been erased from computers by the vandals. After examining the computers police said that no information had been lost or altered.

The incident comes as federal prosecutors investigate Grimm for possibly accepting illegal campaign donations in 2010. Grimm has denied any wrongdoing.

—This story was updated at 4:09 p.m.