Ann Romney frequently travels to rallies with one or more of her five sons, but Tuesday she brought Mia, Nick and Chloe on stage with her, where they remained during a brief stump speech.

In a contrast to Mitt Romney and Paul RyanPaul RyanRyan: CBO's healthcare estimate is 'bogus' Kushner speech to congressional interns delayed Overnight Energy: Exxon sues feds over M sanctions fine MORE on the campaign trail Tuesday, Ann Romney did not directly address Vice President Biden's earlier comment that the middle class has been “buried” for the last four years.

Romney and Ryan quickly jumped on Biden's remark to say they agreed with him and the country's needs a change.

But Ann Romney — "mamie" to the grandchildren — told the crowd her grandkids' opinions on the race, reminding them "kids say the darndest things."

One 4-year-old grandchild, she recounted, asked Romney: " 'Papa, have you beaten Obama yet?' Mitt said, ‘Not yet, Nate.’ He goes, 'What’s taking so long?' "

Another grandchild is uncertain if she wants her grandparents to spend so much time living far away. Still another is convinced he will be the "king of the [school] bus" if Romney becomes president, which is good enough reason for him, according to Ann Romney.

"There’s other good reasons why Papa needs to win," Ann Romney continued. "Papa needs to win because he’s got to save this country.”

The prospective first lady was introduced by a former Obama supporter, Angela Lawson, who said she has switched her vote from the president to Romney.

Ann Romney also acknowledged the upcoming debate, which will be held Wednesday at the University of Denver. Mitt and Ann Romney are both staying in Colorado the night before the event.

"We’ve got a debate coming up," she said. "We are excited about that. We’re focused. I can’t wait for the contrast that we’re going to hear tomorrow.”