"ObamaCare," jobs and Medicare were among the buzzwords at Wednesday night’s presidential debate in Denver.

Over the course of the 90-minute face-off, President Obama and GOP nominee Mitt Romney mentioned Medicare a total of 42 times, jobs 32 times and "ObamaCare" — political shorthand for the president's healthcare reform law, the Affordable Care Act — 20 times, according to a count by The Hill.
The word "jobs" and the phrase "small business" came up 32 and 22 times, respectively. See the word cloud below for a visual of the most used words.

Romney used more word repetition than Obama during the debate: regulation was mentioned from the stage 18 times, for example, with six of the mentions coming from the GOP nominee in a single answer. 

The words "poverty," "Bush" and "bailout" only came up once during the debate, while unemployment and housing were mentioned three times.

Obama did not mention Romney’s "47 percent" comments during the debate, nor did he attack his rival’s record at the private-equity firm Bain Capital, much to the dismay of some liberal supporters.

The president also did not mention immigration or the minimum wage.