The first lady has been answering user-submitted questions for entertainment network POPSUGAR. On Thursday, she said she would cast either Smith or Washington as her husband, noting either actor "might be able to pull it off" but giving Smith the edge on appearance.

"Will's got those ears, though, which might give him an edge," she said.

Washington calls himself an Independent, although he voted for Obama in 2008. Smith is a supporter of the president who has also participated in fundraisers. He would likely jump at the chance to play Obama in a movie.

Smith has been quietly advocating for his chance to play Obama in a movie since 2008, when he told MTV News they'd "release it at the end of eight years."

Smith referred to his ears in that interview, as well.

"America loves ears, you know? Mickey Mouse started it; Goofy and Dumbo followed behind. And America just loves the ears," he told MTV.

More recently, Smith told BBC that he and Obama have actually talked about a hypothetical film.

"We talked about it a few months ago," he said in May. "I told him, joking … you just have to write the ending. So, he's working on the ending right now."

The first lady was also asked to cast her own role in a movie, but demurred.