In the column, Ann Romney calls husband Mitt "my hero," describing him, as she does on the campaign trail, as the man who can turn the country around.

"In our hearts, we know this is a joint effort with so many others," she writes. "I promise you that Mitt and I are doing everything we can, but we need your support as well."

She also discusses "what a family has to go through on a campaign."

"When you love someone, know so deeply that they are a good person and are doing the right things, it’s tough to watch them get unfairly attacked," she wrote. Ann Romney has become one of her husband's strongest defenders on the campaign trail, often aggressively taking on his critics while the GOP nominee downplays attacks.

"This campaign has been even more difficult than the last one, but I’ve never regretted our decision," Ann Romney wrote. 

Michelle ObamaMichelle LeVaughn Robinson ObamaMichelle Obama criticizes lack of diversity in politics: one side is 'all white, all men' Obama interrupts Michelle's appearance with 25th anniversary tribute Michelle Obama: Young people feel what's happening now 'not what they were taught' MORE, who also wrote for the women-focused blogging network in 2008, penned her first column of 2012 for it in July. Much like Ann Romney, she promoted her husband's policies as the best for women. She wrote a second piece after the Denver debate, saying, "I could not have been more proud of Barack."

Although Obama was the first to take the site up on the offer, BlogHer editor in chief Stacy Morrison said in July that the site had reached out to both candidates and their wives to share their perspectives with BlogHer readers.

The first lady has also written for iVillage and recently answered user-submitted questions at entertainment site POPSUGAR as part of the Obama campaign's online outreach to female voters.