When Ryan was asked whether he had provided Biden ammunition by requesting stimulus funds for his constituents — a fact Biden highlighted during one of the debate's testier segments — Ryan dismissed the reporters.

“We’re going to get through it later,” he said. “We’re going to eat breakfast now.”

Biden, clearly looking to rebound from President Obama's sluggish and subdued performance in last week's presidential debate, presented a sharp contrast in demeanor and tone from his during Thursday's debate. The vice president frequently laughed and interrupted his rival as Ryan lobbed criticisms, appearing both confident and dismissive of the Republican nominee.

But his dismissive tone drew fire from many Republicans, who suggested the vice president was being rude to his opponent.

“It’s pretty clear who the grown-up onstage is,” Brendan Buck, Ryan’s spokesman, wrote on Twitter halfway through the debate.

After breakfast, Ryan is expected to fly from Louisville to Columbus, Ohio, where he will meet Mitt Romney for an afternoon rally with supporters.