The candidates were split evenly, with 46 percent of participants choosing each, when registered voters were asked who they would prefer to have as a subordinate employee at their company. But asked who they prefer as captain of a ship in a storm, the president holds a 48-44 percent edge.

The poll questions were among the dozens asked of respondents in the latest national survey, which gave the president a 3-point edge overall on his Republican opponent. And while it's unlikely that those questions will do much to illuminate how voters will decide in November, campaigns do track personality questions to see how their candidate is voting.

Among the more relevant inquiries, 55 percent of likely voters say the president is honest and trustworthy, versus 47 percent for Romney. The president edges Romney 49-45 percent on the question of who is a stronger leader, and is seen as the more friendly and likable person.

But Romney holds advantages when voters were asked who has "better ideas about the right size and role of government," and who won the first presidential debate — the latter by a dominating 71-17 percent margin.