"The immediate comments of people to me was, 'Did you see his face and what he was doing?' " Ryan said.

But the Wisconsin lawmaker said he "was not going to try to follow suit with that kind of demeanor."

"I wasn't going to let it try to get under my skin and follow suit with that I guess I would [call] demeanor," Ryan said.

Ryan went on to suggest that Biden's exaggerated expression was out of step with Midwestern manners.

"I wanted to make my case. I think it's important to be respectful of each other's time, I just don't think it serves people well, and it's just … it’s not our manners, where we come from."

Ryan went on to preview Monday's debate between Mitt Romney and President Obama, the final showdown before the election. Ryan predicted Obama would try to win by "tearing down his opponent."

"Every one of these debates, it pleases me personally because they get another shot to see Mitt Romney, what he is really like," Ryan said.