President Obama and Mitt Romney agree on at least one thing – both are apparently big fans of the Washington Redskins rookie quarterback sensation Robert Griffin III, or “RG3.”

“RG3 hasn’t been in Washington very long, but he’s already created change,” Romney said in a taped promo for Fox Sports on Sunday.

“It’s tough to unite this city around anything, believe me, I know,” Obama said in the same promo. “But RG3 makes it look easy.”

The long-suffering Redskins have excited fans in the country’s capital with the help of the talented and telegenic young QB.

Griffin, an early favorite to win the National Football League’s Rookie of the Year award, won the Heisman Trophy last year at Baylor University.

“RG3 has really struck a chord with sports fans, uniting Democrats and Republicans,” Romney continued. “I wish him the best of luck in New York today. When he’s on the field, anything can happen.”

“He’s a great young man and a lot of fun to watch, and I wish him all the luck in the world – except when he’s playing the Bears,” Obama said. “Robert, you’re welcome at my house for a pick-up game anytime.”