Pope pushes against 'arrogance of the powerful'
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Pope Francis used his New Year's homily Friday to call for the end of the "arrogance of the powerful," pushing back on those who remain neutral to issues like persecution and hunger.
Francis spoke about his wish to "let ourselves be reborn, to overcome the indifference which blocks solidarity, and to leave behind the false neutrality which prevents sharing," according to the Associated Press.
"Sometimes we ask ourselves how it is possible that human injustice persists unabated, and that the arrogance of the powerful continues to demean the weak, relegating them to the most squalid outskirts of our world.
"We ask how long human evil will continue to sow violence and hatred in our world, reaping innocent victims," the pontiff added, remarking on the "hordes of men, women and children fleeing war, hunger and persecution."
While Francis did not mention specific conflicts or nations, his remarks come amid continuing tension over a wave of migrants traveling to western countries from areas including Syria, which has an ongoing civil war.
Leaders of several global powers including the U.S., France and Germany have faced opposition to their plans to continue to accept thousands of refugees into their countries, in the wake of the Paris attacks in November.