Carson delivered son in bathroom using hair clip
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Ben Carson reportedly delivered his second son using a hair clip after his wife went into premature labor in their home. 
That account comes from an upcoming book from Lacena "Candy" Carson, wife of the retired neurosurgeon and Republican presidential hopeful, set to be released Tuesday.
A Doctor in the House tells of Candy Carson crying in pain from the bathroom while encountering trouble waking up her husband, according to TIME.

"Ben dashed into the bathroom just in time to catch BJ before he fully emerged, holding the baby in one hand while he caught the afterbirth in the other," the book says.

Ben Carson then reportedly snipped the umbilical cord using a hair clip.
TIME, which got an advance copy of the book, said that other stories from the book include Ben Carson once trying to kill himself with rat poison in third grade, being a college foosball champion and stopping a car jacking after the suspects recognized the famous Johns Hopkins doctor.
Carson speaks openly of his upbringing and challenges throughout his life during campaign events, where his wife has joined him. He also speaks of his medical accomplishments, joking at the first GOP debate in August that he's "the only [candidate] to separate Siamese twins."