During an appearance on CNN's "New Day," Trump special counsel Michael Cohen argued that there is little difference between the Moroccan border shown in the ad and the actual U.S.-Mexico border.
"What's the difference? In all reality, the point is that they're coming through. Yeah, I'm gonna have a conversation with whoever made the mistake, there's no doubt about that," Cohen said.
"But the truth is, people are pouring through our borders, which are open," he added.
Trump himself defended the ad during an appearance Monday night on Fox News, calling the footage mix-up "irrelevant" and arguing about similarities with the U.S. border.
The outspoken Republican presidential candidate's first television ad, released Monday, mentions the United States's "southern border" while showing images from a Spanish enclave in Morocco, according to PolitiFact.
After the PolitiFact report, a Trump official described the use of the footage as "intentional," saying it showcased "the severe impact of an open border" and need for a border wall.