"Right now we are focused on making sure that we have information available to constituents that need storm relief," Stapleton said. 

In a statement released by Turner later on Tuesday, the New York congressman said he would be working with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) personnel in the coming days.

"I will be working with FEMA and other officials in the coming days to ensure that residents have access to the assistance they need," Turner said. "I would encourage people to go to my website or Facebook page to find information on how to contact emergency services.

"I, along with many other Breezy Point residents, lost our homes last night and I am grateful that my family and I are safe after this destructive storm. I hope you will join me in lending a hand to those who were less fortunate and keep everyone impacted by this storm in your thoughts and prayers."

Turner's home is one of a reported 80 Breezy Point homes lost because of the storm.

— This story was updated at 2:27 p.m.