The Obama campaign is deploying President Clinton to several battleground states in the race’s homestretch, and it caught up to Clinton on Thursday.

During a campaign address in Perrysburg, Ohio, Clinton said, “I’m honored to be here in Pennsylvania to support President Obama.”

Clinton quickly corrected himself after cries of “Ohio” rang from the crowd. The former president said he had a line about Pennsylvania in his speech.

“Ohio voted for me twice, it voted for President Obama once,” Clinton said to cheers before segueing into a defense of Obama’s economic record.

No president, Clinton argued, would’ve been able to heal the damage of the economic crisis in four years.

“Whether people believe that may be the whole election,” Clinton said.

Clinton went on the attack against Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, whom he described as an “extreme ideologue.”

“Do you believe our politics should be dominated by practical problem-solvers or extreme ideologues?” Clinton asked the crowd at Owens Community College.

Clinton has made appearances in a number of battleground states to shore up support for Obama, from states such as Ohio where the candidates are neck-and-neck, to Minnesota, which had been considered a lock for the incumbent.

In Ohio, Clinton pushed back at Romney’s assertion that he would create 12 million jobs in his first four years in office. Clinton said Moody’s Analytics projects the economy would produce that number of jobs because of actions undertaken by Obama. 

“So, as nearly as I can say, his argument is, 'You must be disappointed, so put me in so I can claim credit for these jobs I had nothing to do with,' ” Clinton said.