"Aspirations — is that like sweat on my butt?" Cruz, then a high school student in Houston in 1988, says while sitting in front of a water fountain, according to the video, which was posted online over the weekend.
"Oh, I see, what I want to do in life. Well my aspiration is to, uh, oh I don't know, be in a teen tit film," a lanky Cruz continues.

"Well, other than that, uh, take over the world — world domination. You know, rule everything, rich, powerful, that sorta stuff," the 18-year-old Cruz adds.

The video, which runs less than a minute, was uploaded to the YouTube account "Young Ted Cruz." 
After about 30 seconds of footage of a teenage Cruz, the video cuts to images of the Texas senator's 2016 campaign logo emblazoned over the words "rich," "powerful" and "world domination." 
Cruz's campaign acknowledged the video Monday, according to CNN, with campaign communications director Rick Tyler saying, "Good to see that young Ted also had a great sense of humor."
--This report was updated at 3:20 p.m.