“We have some leads. It could have been someone who knew the layout of the office,” said Clarke. “Hopefully the break-in wasn’t politically motivated. It could be though. I think we were targeted [over the other offices in the building.]”

The burglar — or burglars — appears to have jimmied the door’s lock and rifled through all of the desk drawers in the office as well, according to a spokesperson for Clarke, who lost his reelection bid in a primary race against Democratic Rep.-elect Gary Peters earlier this year.

Clarke said that no sensitive congressional information appears to have been jeopardized by the theft of the laptops and that staff was back to business as usual in the office.

A spokesman for the U.S. Capitol Police said the department was investigating the incident in conjunction with the Detroit Police Department.

The Capitol Police are also investigating a break-in earlier this week at Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi’s home in Napa Valley, Calif.

Authorities arrested a suspect in that case on Wednesday, but do not believe the break-in was politically motivated.

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