Reid, Boehner thank troops, urge action on jobs for veterans

House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), noting that one in 14 Americans is a veteran, also offered thanks.

“Saying ‘thank you’ is important, but there’s always more that we the people can do for those whose sacrifices preserved the heritage of freedom. We can work to make sure they can find work, look out for the families of the fallen, be every bit the patriots our founders were,” Boehner said, in a video message.

Both sides have struggled to strike a veterans jobs deal, with the most recent attempt fizzling out in September. Senate Republicans blocked the bill in a procedural vote, calling it a gimmick by Democrats.

The GOP shot down the bill because they said it violated budget rules by increasing the deficit and duplicated some programs already in place. They also said it ignored last summer’s debt-ceiling deal, known as the Budget Control Act, by adding more spending than was agreed to.

The bill would have established job-training programs to help place veterans in fields such as national park conservation, historical preservation projects, police work and firefighting.

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