Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R) early Thursday said Democratic presidential primary front-runner Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham ClintonWhite House would like to see Biden ‘in the boxing ring’ in 2020 House Judiciary chair subpoenas DOJ for FBI documents The suit to make Electoral College more ‘fair’ could make it worse MORE’s accusation that he “poisoned” children with contaminated water in order to save money is “not accurate.”

“That’s not accurate,” Snyder said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “This was a terrible tragedy, and it really goes to multiple levels of government. There were bureaucrats at the state government who made mistakes — serious mistakes in common sense and judgment.”

Although he said he’s “taking responsibility” for the incident, Snyder, who announced a $195 million budget to revitalize Flint’s infrastructure, encouraged politicians to come together to find solutions rather than assign blame.

“And the real question is, these people work for me at the state government, so I am taking responsibility for their actions, and I’m focusing on fixing the problem,” he said.

“This is about solving this issue, and we shouldn’t put politics into this, we should all be rallying together to say, ‘How do we make things better in Flint?’ And that’s my focus, and that’s why I’m proud of the budget I just announced yesterday,” he added.

Snyder said tap water in Flint is still not safe to drink. 

“We’re told no, absolutely they should not be drinking unfiltered water out of the tap,” he said. “And we’ve made that clear going back to October.”

Residents of Flint had been drinking corrosive tap water since April 2014, when the city switched water suppliers.

Scientists found elevated levels of lead in the blood of some Flint children in September, prompting a state of emergency in the city.